The possession and/or consumption of alcohol is not condoned by Heidelberg University. The University expects all students to comply with the Ohio law regarding possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

To comply with state and local law and University policies, the following guidelines are established:

  1. The possession of empty alcohol containers in University-owned housing is prohibited. Prohibiting empty containers supports the enforcement of the University alcohol policy, combats health and odor issues in University-owned housing and helps to maintain a higher image of Heidelberg University and its students. For the purpose of consistently meeting these goals, all empty containers, including but not limited to alcohol, beer and wine containers, are prohibited.
  2. No one under the age of 21 is permitted to possess or consume alcohol on the University campus.
  3. Students who are under the legal drinking age of 21 may not possess alcohol in their room. This includes alcohol brought to the room by any guest or visitor over the age of 21.
  4. Although students under the age of 21 are not restricted from a room of students 21 or over who are consuming alcohol, one’s presence in a room under such circumstances is reasonable grounds for Residence Life staff or Security to question and/or document all present as alleged violators. As such, those under 21 are cautioned to use good judgment within a setting where alcohol is being consumed or is present.
  5. Persons over the legal drinking age of 21 may not consume alcohol in rooms of underage students under any circumstances.
  6. Those of legal age may possess only reasonable quantities of alcohol for their personal use in their rooms. No large quantities (greater than one 6-pack per person) of beer or its equivalent will be permitted on University-owned property. Kegs, party balls and large quantities of alcohol are not permitted on University-owned property.
  7. No alcohol is permitted to be possessed or consumed in any public area. Public areas are defined as areas, indoors and outdoors, that are used in common by the University community, such as lounges, hallways, parking lots, green spaces, and athletic facilities. In some instances, private spaces, such as residence hall rooms, may become public by action of the occupants.
  8. Any student who appears at a University function or on campus in an intoxicated condition, or who creates a disturbance when it is apparent the student has been consuming alcoholic beverages, will be subject to disciplinary action.
  9. Under no circumstances is a person of legal age permitted to furnish alcoholic beverages to a minor.
  10. Hosts of private social gatherings are responsible for ensuring adherence to state law and University regulations.
  11. Students are responsible for carrying their University identification card at all times and presenting it, upon request, to any University official.
  12. No activity shall include any form of alcoholic drinking contest in either its promotion or its program.
  13. Overnight and weekend guests’ ages must be validated by the resident assistant on duty. The host assumes all responsibility for his or her guest. (See “Guests & Visitation.”)
  14. No recognized student organization, or individual students using the school name, shall obtain an F-1 permit in order to sponsor an off-campus activity at which alcoholic beverages are served.
  15. Any recognized student organization, or individual student which sponsors an off-campus activity at which alcoholic beverages are served under the alcohol permit of another agent (e.g., a hotel, a country club, or a restaurant), shall observe the following guidelines:
    1. Each organization sponsoring an off-campus activity at which alcoholic beverages are served should consider the following:
      • Checking identification of individuals who are being served alcoholic beverages to ensure that alcoholic beverages are not accessible or served to persons under the legal age of consumption.
      • Ensuring that alcoholic beverages are not served to individuals who appear to be intoxicated.
      • Arranging transportation for those individuals who appear to be intoxicated.
      • Arranging for the presence of security personnel at all times during the activity.
      • Providing non-salty snacks and food when alcohol is present.
      • Refer to FIPG recommendations found at for appropriate social activities involving alcohol.
    2. No one in the sponsoring organization shall be designated as a server of alcoholic beverages.
    3. The consumption of alcoholic beverages shall occur only within the approved area for the activity.
    4. Nonalcoholic beverages shall be available at the same place as alcoholic beverages and shall be featured as prominently as alcoholic beverages.
    5. A reasonable allotment of the budget for an activity shall be designated for the purchase and serving of food.
    6. No activity shall include any form of alcoholic drinking contest in either its promotion or its program.
    7. No advertisements promoting the serving of alcoholic beverages at off-campus activities shall be displayed or distributed on campus.
    8. Informational materials (e.g., invitations, memoranda, or advertisement fliers) used by student organizations to announce off-campus activities shall not make reference to the amounts of alcoholic beverages (e.g., the number of kegs of beer) to be served.
  16. No recognized student organization shall use alcoholic beverages at its membership recruitment activities or initiation activities.
  17. There shall be no consumption of alcoholic beverages at Heidelberg University athletic events or in the university athletic facilities.