Life Threatening Illness, Serious Infectious Diseases

Heidelberg University recognizes that students with life-threatening illnesses or serious infectious diseases may wish to continue to engage in as many of their normal pursuits as their condition allows, including academic pursuits.
As long as these students are able to meet acceptable performance standards, and medical evidence indicates that their condition is not a threat to others, the University will be sensitive to their conditions and ensure that they are treated consistently with other students.
In order to help the University ensure the safety and well-being of an individual student and the University community as a whole, students are encouraged to report cases of life-threatening illness or serious infectious diseases to the Health Center (ext. 2041). The Director of Health & Counseling Services will act in accordance with the guidelines of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (1974) in developing a plan of support for the student and ensure that the student’s condition does not present a health or safety threat to others.