Withdrawal For Medical Reasons

  1. Appropriate action may be implemented when there is clear and convincing evidence that certain physical, psychological, or emotional health conditions interfere with the student’s ability to function effectively in the academic environment, i.e.:
    1. The student’s state of health poses a substantial danger to the health or well-being of other members of the university community; or
    2. The student is suffering from a mental disorder and as a result of that disorder engages or threatens to engage in behavior which:
      1. Poses a substantial danger or risk of causing harm to self or to others;
      2. Poses a substantial danger or risk to university property, or to the property of another member of the university community; or
      3. Results in conduct which substantially impedes or disrupts the authorized activities of other members of the university.
  2. When the health of a student is alleged to be as defined in paragraph (A) above, the Dean of Student Affairs, or designee, shall consult with the student about the student’s health status. If the Dean of Student Affairs decides it is necessary, the student may be required to submit to examination(s) deemed sufficient by the university health service, or other person/agency deemed by the Dean of Student Affairs, to evaluate such condition. The office of the Dean of Student Affairs will then review the case, including any medical evidence or opinion available, and determine appropriate university action. If the student fails to submit to an examination, or fails to furnish relevant health condition information, or if the review by the Dean of Student Affairs discloses the existence of an immediate danger to the university community as set out in paragraph (A) above, the student may be subject to one or more of the following measures:
    • judicial action
    • an immediate involuntary order to leave the campus;
    • conditions appropriate to protect the university community may be placed upon continued enrollment; or immediate involuntary withdrawal from the university with an order to leave the campus.

    In arriving at appropriate action, the Dean of Student Affairs will take into account reasonable action on the part of the university to accommodate the student’s condition. Involuntary withdrawal will be used as a last resort.

  3. If a student has been ordered to leave the campus, withdraw, or otherwise experienced modification of enrollment status by reason of health conditions enumerated in paragraph (A) above, the student may petition for revision of that status through the office of the Dean of Student Affairs.
    1. Such request must be accompanied by supporting documentation that the conditions for revision of enrollment status have been fulfilled, and/or that the health condition has changed sufficiently to make such revision appropriate. Upon receipt of such request, the Dean of Student Affairs will evaluate the evidence, or consult with appropriate university health service and administrative officials for that purpose, and decide to:
      1. Revise the status, without condition;
      2. Revise the status, with specified conditions of continuation, such as medical treatment or disciplinary action; or
      3. Not revise the status.
    2. The student must in addition meet all normal and appropriate standards for admission or enrollment set by the academic requirements of the University.