Common Area Space in Residence Halls

  1. Residence Hall common spaces are primarily intended for the use and accessibility of the building residents. Common spaces are not designed for overnight accommodations.
  2. Miller, Brown, King and Krieg Main Lobbies, France Great Hall and Williard Conference Room may be reserved by campus organizations not affiliated with a particular residence hall with permission from the Residence Coordinator of the building. A campus organization interested in reserving common area space in a residence hall should initially contact Special Events and Conferences at extension 2193 to see if the space is available. The Residence Coordinator and/or Director of Residence Life must approve any room reservation that is requested in those locations.
  3. Floor lounge space is not “reservable” by any group other than the students of the living unit, hall council representative, or Residence Life staff.
  4. Common area space in campus houses and apartments is the responsibility of all residents assigned to those units.
  5. All questions regarding residential space should be directed to the Residence Life Office at 419-448-2058.