1. Keys to residents’ assigned house, apartment, or residence hall & room are issued upon the signing of the Room Condition Report. It is the responsibility of residents to return their key(s) to a Campus Life staff member after moving out of any residence hall, house or apartment. Failure to return keys will result in a minimum charge of $100 per key.
  2. Duplication of any university key is prohibited.
  3. Lost or stolen keys must be reported to the RA immediately. A minimum $100.00 charge for each lost key will be assessed to the student.
  4. Residents may not lend their residence hall, house, or apartment keys to anyone. The only individual authorized to use a residence hall, house, or apartment key is the individual to whom it is issued.
  5. Keys must be carried with the student at all times. Residents who become “locked-out” of their buildings or rooms may be subject to fines or disciplinary action.