Room Changes

  1. A room change from an assigned room is permitted only as space or circumstance allow.
  2. Room change requests will not be granted during the first two weeks of classes of any semester (referred to as “Room Freeze”).
  3. Students may not move to a new residence hall room, apartment, or University-owned house without the prior authorization of the Campus Life Office. Students who wish to request a room change must first contact their Resident Assistant to obtain a Room Change Request Form.
  4. Before obtaining approval for a room change, students are required to communicate their intention to change rooms to their building staff, roommate and future roommate.
  5. Students who change rooms or exchange keys without authorization will be subject to fines and disciplinary action, which may include loss of future room selection privileges.
  6. Protocol for room changes can be found on the Campus Life webpage and on the back of the Room
    Change Application Form.