Commuter Status

  1. Students are required to maintain occupancy in campus housing during their full academic career at Heidelberg unless authorization is granted to withdraw from college housing. Students must meet all of the following criteria to live off campus:
    1. Residency with a parent or legal guardian within a 50-mile driving radius of the University;
    2. Parent or Legal Guardian Verification of at-home residency.
  2. Commuter Status will not be granted mid-year unless extenuating circumstances exist. (See Housing Contract for further information)
  3. Students must re-apply for commuter authorization each academic year.
  4. The cost of a double room and a meal plan will be applied to a student’s account until approval is granted.
  5. Students approved for commuter status found living anywhere other than their parent's primary residence within 50 miles of Heidelberg will be charged room and board charges for the academic year. Please see Housing Contract for further information.