Electrical Appliances

  1. Each resident is permitted to have a 4.1 cubic feet or less refrigerator in his/her room.
  2. With the exception of air corn poppers, microwaves, and auto-off coffee makers, all other cooking appliances are prohibited.
  3. Multiple taps, devices plugged into wall receptacles, and electrical extension cords are prohibited. Power strips with surge protectors are acceptable for use. (1 per resident only).
  4. All electrical equipment must be UL approved.
  5. Window air-conditioning units are not permitted. (For air conditioning required due to medical need, see Special Residential Accommodations.)
  6. Space heaters are not permitted in any residential facility, unless specifically issued by Krammes Service Center on an emergency basis.
  7. Halogen Bulbs - Due to the high risk of fire associated with halogen bulbs/lamps, use of halogen lighting within University-owned housing is prohibited.