Participate in Online Housing Selection

Instructions for Participating in Online Housing Selection

The online housing selection lottery takes place online in April of each year for the next academic year. To assist students with the process, refer to the following:

Application Instructions and Lottery Eligibility Requirements:    Web Page       

Instructions and Tips for Choosing a Roommate:    Web Page  

Instructions on Choosing a Room and Building Eligibility Information:    Web Page 


How Do I Get Housing for Next Year?

Returning students are housed through several processes:

  1. Themed/Greek Housing (February-March)
  2. Honors Housing (February-March)
  3. Housing Selection Lottery (Mon, April 13 through Thurs, April 16)
  4. Placed by Campus Life


To receive housing, students must:

  1. Complete a Returning Student Housing Application in MyHousing
  2. Clear all judicial, financial, and registration holds (Business Office)
  3. Register full-time for fall classes (Registrar's Office)

Priority Deadline: Tuesday, April 7
Roommate Selection: Begins Thursday, April 9
Contact Campus Life if you become eligible after the deadline

How are Times Assigned?

Times are assigned based on credit hours earned and cumulative GPA

  • Students are grouped by number of credit hours earned
  • Within groups, students are ranked by GPA

Choosing a Room

Eligibility is based on estimated hours earned by the end of spring semester (verified once grades are final). All students in group must qualify to live in desired space.

  • Brown Hall, Talmage Hall, France Hall (female): All classes
  • Miller Hall: 24+ credits
  • Williard Hall, Senior Apartments: 56+ credits, (2.5 minimum GPA requirement for Senior Apartments)
  • King Hall: 0-55 credits

When are Rooms Offered

Day 1: Singles/Single Suites (Mon, April 13)

  • Miller Hall Single Suites (2 people required)
  • Brown, France, King, Talmage Singles (1 person required)

Day 2: Apartments/Suites/Triples (Tues, April 14)

  • Williard Apartments, Miller Suites, Unfilled Senior Apartments (4-5 people required)
  • France Hall Triples (3 people required)

Day 3: Doubles/Half Suites (Wed, April 15)

  • Brown, France, King, Talmage Hall Doubles
  • Miller Hall Half Suites (2 people)

Day 4: Open Room Lottery (Thurs, April 16)

  • For students without roommates who are unable to participate in other lotteries

Selecting Roommates

Guidelines for Returning Undergraduates:

  1. Roommate selection begins Thursday, April 9
  2. Your roommate is only available in a search if they are eligible for the lottery
  3. Your group size and intended room size must match
  4. You and your roommates must be eligible to live in space you are trying to select

No Roommate?

  • Students who enter the lottery individually will only be able to view spaces for one (if any are available), except for during the Open Room Lottery, when they may choose from any remaining room.
  • Because other students will also be booking their rooms at random, students should be prepared for someone to assign themselves to their room.
  • To avoid this, it is in the students' best interest to find a roommate and select a room before the final lottery. A sign up binder will be available in Campus Life for those searching for a roommate.

Buyouts/Occupancy & Requirements/Waiting Lists

  • No buyouts can be permitted until Campus Life has finished placing all fall semester students
  • Williard Hall, Senior Apartments and on-campus houses are required to remain at full occupancy
  • Waiting lists will be kept for singles starting the day of the lottery, through the start of classes. E-mail to be added.


Refer to the following:

If your question is not covered, contact: Stephanie Lehman, 419-448-2214,