Theme-Based Housing: Life Skills Communities


Heidelberg Theme Based Housing

Beginning in the Fall of 2014, Heidelberg's Theme-Based Housing will transition to a Life Skills Communities (LSC) program. This program will united all on-campus houses, along with the Senior Apartments, under a single program geared at preparing Heidelberg students for life after college. The Life Skills Communities program will be a unique opportunity offered at Heidelberg to prepare students to have continuing personal success upon graduation.

What does Life Skills Communities mean?

The purpose of Life Skills Communities is to try to prepare Heidelberg students to live on their own after graduation, in addition to keeping the tradition of giving back to campus and the community. Residents living in the LSC Houses and Apartments will need to complete 2 hours of community service per month, for a total of 6 hours each semester. Students will also be required to attend 4 Life Skills Workshops each semester. These workshops will be 30-45 minutes long and designed to educate students on areas not typically learned in college classrooms. Workshops may include painting a room, understanding car and home loans, balancing budges and checkbooks, changing a tire in an emergency, and finding an apartment.

Who Can Apply?

Any group of 4-7 students may apply for housing in the Life Skills Communities houses and apartments. The houses require 5-7 students, depending on the house, and all must have sophomore status following Spring semester. The apartments require 4 students, all of whom must have junior status.

Who Can Be in My Community?

Under the former model of Greek and theme-based housing, both Greek organizations and student-created groups have been offered on-campus houses at some point. We are continuing this tradition for students for 2014. Not only can Greek organizations apply, but so can groups of students who have similar interests. The following types of groups are encouraged to apply: sports teams, Bible study/Fellowship groups, students in the same major. The possibilities are endless!

How Do I Apply?

In addition to the group application, students must also submit their Returning Student Application for housing in MyHousing (through OASIS2). Once this application and the group application are submitted, students will be contacted to set up a group interview.

When Are Applications Available?

All application dates and deadlines are posted on the Housing Selection Dates and Eligibility page.

The application is available on the Residence Life page.