Writing Assistance

Peer Writing Assistants can help you at any stage of your paper. Are you having trouble defining your topic? Are you unsure how to expand what you’ve already got? Do you need to research and you’re not quite sure where to start? Or, are you ready to polish and create a hand-in?

Peer writing assistants can help you pinpoint persistent problems and work them out of your writing. They’ll help you untangle the mysteries of the writing process, and make the experience more beneficial and satisfying. Working together, you’ll hone your writing skills and increase your self-confidence as a student writer.

What writing assistants won’t do is dig out the red pen and proof-read your paper for you. We firmly believe in the adage, “Give people fish and they’ll eat for a day. Teach them to fish and they’ll eat for a lifetime.” We want students to learn the skills to confidently approach their own editing jobs. Our tutoring is designed to help students become independent writers.

Please contact the Owen Academic & Career Support Center at 2301 to arrange for writing assistance (call 419.448.2301 or complete the tutor request form on Bergsync). All services are available at no additional costs to Heidelberg students. For online tips, visit the Writing at the Berg website.