Career Development Series

The Owen Academic & Career Support Center, in partnership with the Office of Student Engagement, hosted a free Career Development Series during April 2015. This program was a unique opportunity for students to create all the necessary materials for their upcoming job/internship search and prepare for their job search while receiving personal attention from an OACSC staff member! Each session built on the previous session. 

If you have questions, please contact the OACSC staff at 419.448.2301.



Job Search


Bareis Computer Lab

The job search process may seem overwhelming, intimidating, or simply impossible—especially given the state of the current economy.  The bright side is this: there is hope!  Thousands of positions become available and are filled every single month.  As a Heidelberg student, you have a leg-up on the competition!  In this seminar, we will provide you with tips to simplify the job search process. 


Using a variety of resources, students will learn that:

·         Academic discipline does not mandate a specific career position

·         Skills developed at Heidelberg can link students to a variety of careers

·         The first job out of college does not necessarily dictate your career path

·         Students’ qualifications are only part of how employers choose a candidate

·         A targeted job search will yield greater results (quality over quantity!)



Résumé and Cover Letter Writing


Bareis Computer Lab

 Once a specific career field has been identified, it is time to begin working on application materials that show and tell future employers that you are the best candidate for their open position.  Often times, these two items are the most important documents students have never created.  If this is you, do not feel alone!  In this seminar, we will show students how to use the specific job descriptions that were identified in the JOB SEARCH seminar to target their résumés and cover letters for their individual job searches!  We will assist students with articulating their professional abilities.


Using a variety of resources, students will learn that résumés and cover letters:

·         May be just as crucial as their skills when applying for a job

·         Should be written to target specific jobs

·         Are the chief marketing materials that sell students as the perfect candidate

·         Can incorporate a variety of formats

·         Will not be as challenging to create as students may assume

·         Above and beyond all else, should reflect who the student is


Interviewing Techniques


Bareis Computer Lab

As soon as students have identified a hopeful job, crafted a résumé and cover letter, and applied for a position, employers will want to discuss with students how their qualifications translate to the job.  The interview is the best opportunity for students’ strengths and personality to shine through.  When a student has reached the interview stage, the question is no longer can this person do the work?; instead, the question becomes, can I work with this person?  We will show students how to best highlight themselves as viable candidates in the interview setting for the job(s) that they have prepared for in the previous two sessions.


Using a variety of resources, students will learn that the interview:

·         Requires a professional demeanor

·         Is the opportunity for students’ personalities to land them their job (or not)

·         Can connect the student as a candidate to the position through interaction

·         Works best when the candidate is relaxed, calm, prepared, and knowledgeable

·         Is as much for the candidate as it is for the employer



Professional Development


Fourth Floor, Adams Hall

Now that students have prepared themselves for the application process, it is time to bring all of their new career development knowledge together!  This capstone-style seminar will give students an opportunity to ask Owen Academic & Career Support Center staff questions in the group setting.  Additionally, we will invite successful Heidelberg University alumni to attend and to discuss with students their own individual paths to success.  We will provide students with networking advice so that they can implement those skills to explore professional development and employment opportunities.


At the end of this seminar, students will be able to:

·         Articulate and sell their career goals, skills, and experiences

·         Present themselves more confidently as professionals

·         Network with alumni

·         Navigate the professional landscape to improve their employment outlook