Internship Information

The Heidelberg Internship Program provides students the opportunity to obtain practical on-the-job experience while earning up to 15 hours of academic credit. Internships are available to students (Juniors & Seniors) in good academic standing who have demonstrated the ability to produce high quality work. Detailed guidelines are available in the Heidelberg Internship Program Handbook.

Heidelberg University is committed to the principle that student internships involving practical, real-world work experience can represent a valuable part of the collegiate experience. For more information on developing an internship relationship with Heidelberg students, please contact Kristen Lindsay at 419.448.2301 or

Off-Campus Supervisor Guidelines for Internships:

  1. Help the Student outline internship responsibilities for the Internship Contract that meet his/her internship goals and the needs of the organization.
  2. Meet at least once a month (preferably more often) with the Student to assess his/her progress in achieving the objectives of the internship.
  3. Give a progress report on the Intern when requested by the Faculty Supervisor.
  4. Complete the Midterm Evaluation and Final Evaluation forms, and return them to the Office of Career Development.
  5. Contact the Faculty Supervisor or Career Development Director if any problems or concerns arise.

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