The Office of Multicultural Affairs supports a number of programs and services which are designed to foster an environment that celebrates and embraces diversity by providing programs, services, and other educational opportunities that contribute to student's learning and their growth. Such programs include but are not limited to:

Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

Hispanic Heritage Month is used as an opportunity for Heidelberg University to recognize the contributions to Hispanic and Latino americans to the United States and celebrate the group's heritage and culture. 


MLK 2013 informationMartin Luther King JR. Celebration

This program is an opportunity for the Heidelberg community to come together and reflect on the accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The program focuses on the work that still needs to be done to combat hate and injustice. The program features a community celebration, bringing together Heidelberg and Tiffin University students along with the community followed by an on campus celebration and keynote speaker.

Black History Month Celebration

It's precursor, "Negro History Week," was create by Dr. Carter G. Woodson in 1926 and ovserved on the second week of February. Negro History Week was created because Black Americans and their accomplishments were largely left out of the educational cirricula of that time. Black History Month is an opportunity for the Heidelberg community to come together and celebrate the African Culture. The programs focus on raising awareness of African American history to the general public