Clone of ICF - Incident Communication Form

Report Student Conduct Violations / Incidents

To report student conduct violation's and incidents on campus to the, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs for Campus Life, use the following link:

Login as:     username; Bergguest,    (case sensitive).
                     password; Bergguest.    (case sensitive).

After logging in follow the prompts to fill out the incident report and submit it to be reviewed by the campus student conduct officers.

Things to Remember:

  • Fill out the form as soon as the incident is over
  • Write factual statements - leave out opinions unless backed by fact
  • Correctly spell all names of students
  • Make sure all addresses and phone numbers are correct
  • Write in complete sentences and spell all words correctly
  • Try not to use too many "he/she" or their plurals - use names
You must identify yourself. An anonymous report will not be accepted by the student conduct officers.