Radiation Emergency

First contact: Tiffin Fire Department at 911 (9-911 campus phone)
Second contact: Security
Designated Emergency Response Number: 419-448-2211 (x2211 campus phone)

  1. In case of a radiation emergency call the Tiffin Fire Department at 911 (9-911 campus phone). Then contact Security for assistance.
  2. If a skin wound occurs, thoroughly wash it with running water; allow some bleeding and then bandage using items from the first-aid kit. Once the bleeding has stopped, medical personnel will monitor the wound for radioactive contamination.
  3. If any clothing items are contaminated with radioactive materials, remove them. These items will be discarded. THEY MUST NOT LEAVE the laboratory until emergency personnel check them.
  4. Emergency personnel will mark any contaminated surface areas, and clean up the spill.
  5. Thoroughly wash your hands and other exposed body areas until the radiation monitor indicates the absence of contamination.
  6. Prevent access into the spill area until authorized by emergency personnel.
  7. Personnel without radiation badges or other personal radiation dosimeter must not enter the spill area.
  8. The Associate Vice President of Engineering and Facilities will verify that proper clean-up procedures are followed. Emergency Operations Team members will be notified if deemed appropriate.