Spiritual Life Favorite Links

The following are some of the places our Campus Minister likes to frequent while he is browsing the web. Some are overtly spiritual, while others are the web pages of organizations that the Campus Ministry program likes to work with, while others still are just great places to get “lost” sometimes and to fill up the soul. We hope you find God in them all.

The United Church of Christ

Homepage for Heidelberg University’s Church Affiliation www.ucc.org

The Student Ecumenical Partnership

Heidelberg is represented in this joint UCC and Disciples of Christ venture into the progressive student movement. www.stepnetwork.org

Campus Crusade for Christ

An amazing site for our evangelical students who may wish to use a variety of resources from this international Christian agency. www.ccci.org

National Catholic Student Coalition

A wonderful link to the vast contributions that Catholic students are making in the global village. www.ncsc.org


The largest on-line community dedicated to spirituality; from Christianity to Judaism, to Hinduism to New-age beliefs, everyone should find something at this site. www.beliefnet.com


Advocacy and evangelicalism unite to change the world. www.sojourners.org

Killing the Buddha

This online journal has fantastic articles about faith. Don’t let the name scare you, this is not a “bash Buddha” website... www.killingthebuddha.com

Relevant Magazine

In the opinion of the campus minister, God, life, and popular culture always went hand and hand. www.relevantmagazine.com

The Christian Century

Want the latest in the world of Christianity and Culture, with a slightly more academic slant, then read this great monthly magazine. www.christiancentury.org