Berg Adventures and Travels Program

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What is the BAT Program?
BAT stands for Berg Adventures and Travels. The program features enriching travel experiences to enhance lifelong education while strengthening your connection to the Berg Family. Berg Adventures and Travels trips are the latest addition to Heidelberg University’s list of excellent opportunities for you, the student to get involved, make connections, and personal discovery!

What are BAT Trips?
These outdoor excursions offer you the unique opportunity to connect with your classmates in a fun and challenging environment, allowing you to learn more about yourself and develop the confidence and skills you need to successfully navigate your college years and beyond! Held during university breaks, the BAT program is planned so that you are able to enjoy the adventures and travels without missing class.

Is there an itinerary?
Each BAT trip has a group itinerary that is designed to allow for experiences that you might not take on your own. Each BAT trip has scheduled activities as well as free time in the itinerary. Detailed itineraries are planned by Heidelberg staff and faculty in advance.
How much does it cost?
By booking as a group, we are able to negotiate better rates. Also, some activities offer student discounts. The cost is kept to a minimum and scheduled activities are all included in the price of the trip. Prices vary depending on trip details and destinations.

What’s included?
Travel, accommodations, and fees for all scheduled activities are included in the trip cost. Meals and optional excursions are not included.

What are the students saying?
“It was a ton of fun, a great get a way and experience, and I was able to make a couple new friends”
“great activities, fair price”
“The opportunity to do things with classmates that I did not have to organize myself.”
“My favorite part of the trip was creating bonds between us students and with Andrea and Erica. That trip was what I needed to get out of my comfort zone. I don't think I had laughed that hard in a very long time.”


Contact Jacqueline Sironen, Director of Student Engagement
phone: 419.448.2261
stop by: Campus Center 306