Berg Link is a central hub for all students to create and find out about opportunities for involvement on and off campus. Each student organization, student group, athletic team, and department has (or can have) their own page and URL.


How does it work? 

BergLink makes recommendations of events to go to and groups to join by matching interests.


How do I login? 

Anyone with an "" email address has a BergLink account. Your username and password are associated with your Heidelberg email address. It is the beginning of your email, before the and your password remains the same. If you forgot your password or are having trouble logging in, try resetting your password in OASIS2. If problems still exist, email


How does the Involvement Record work? 

BergLink keeps track of all the activities, events, community service hours, groups that each student attends and swipes in with his/her student ID. This record of attendance in called an Involvement Record. This individual record can be accessed at any time by students and campus administrators. 


How do I find my Involvement Record on BergLink?

• Log in to BergLink. 
• Click on the My Involvement option in the top menu bar.
• Click on the Involvement Record option at the bottom of the menu.
• From this page, you can save or print your Involvement Record using the buttons at the top of the screen.



Siggy's Student Challenge


Attend Events. Scan in. Get Rewards.

Siggy the Student Prince cartoonSiggy's Student Challenge is way for Heidelberg University students to be rewarded for their efforts to become involved; to make the Heidelberg community as more engaging place to live, work, and study; and to take pride in their academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular achievements.

How to participate:

It’s easy! Make sure you carry your HU ID. At programs and events around campus, there will be BergLink scanners. Have your ID scanned at each event to get credit for attendance. The Office of Student Engagement will take care of assigning and keeping track of points.

Click here for more information.