New Member Education

New Member Education (NME) is the process in which you are educated about the fraternity or society that you may wish to join.  To be eligible for NME, a student must be in good standing with Heidelberg University, meet the minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.25 cumulative and have full-time class status (12 hours +) to participate.  Some societies have higher GPA requirements to join.  Please visit those specific groups to see eligibility requirements.

New Member Education program is typically in the spring and it usually runs between two to four weeks for the women and men respectively. The programs will begin in late January or early February.  Greek groups can petition to offer fall new member education programs for upper-class students (sophomore status or higher) who have completed 24 credit hours or more at Heidelberg University.  NME is a time for you to really get to know everything about the Greek group you wish to be a part of.  It also allows you to learn about brotherhood/sisterhood, leadership, service and networking.

If you are interested and eligible to participate in NME this spring, please visit our Recruitment page.