New Member Education Plans

Heidelberg Greek Organizations
New Member Education Plans

Please type all items. Place them in a 3 ring binder with your group’s name on it. This binder will remain in the Campus Life Office. The contents should change minimally from year to year. However, if your group makes any significant changes, please make sure those changes reflect the mssion and values of your group.  The intent of the binder is to give a general overview of the purpose of the group’s new member process. The binder should be used as a resource from year to year, so the officers do not have to recreate the program each year. Please include a variety of activities that could suffice for each topic area.  (It is recommended that you save all NME files on a thumb drive or other computer device for future use).

The following items are to be included in the binder:

  1. Contact information for person/s responsible for the new member process, including president and advisor – cell phone number and email.
  2. Overall purpose/mission/goals of your group INCLUDING mission/purpose of the new member process (1 –2 pages). This should address how New Member Education specifically related to the groups purpose, goals and mission.
  3. Timeline(1 Page maximum) of process, including study tables, events, overnights. Each event should include full date (Day, Month, Year), time frame (I.e., 9pm - 10pm, etc.), location (indicate on/off campus), name of activity, and corresponding letter from NME Plan Page (See below).
  4. The New Member Education process should include the following topics.  Please include on your NME plan form which letter below is represented in that activity.  You may have multiple letters represented in on activity:
    1. History of group-  minimum of 2 activities.
    2. Brotherhood or Sisterhood - minimum of 3 activities, such as a canoe trip, event with another fraternity/society, etc.
    3. Teamwork - minimum of 2 activities, such as a low ropes course, trust falls, etc.
    4. Community Service - minimum of 2 activities.
    5. Academics, minimum of 2 activities – this does not include study tables. Ideas: a speaker about study techniques or test anxiety from the learning center, or resume building, faculty advisor presentation on academic topic.
    6. Purpose of Greek Council - including an explanation of the hazing policy of the University, minimum of 1 activity (will be hosted by Greek Council Executive Team).
    7. Involvement at Heidelberg University program - minimum of 1 activity, such as an athletic event, theatre play, etc.
    8. Personal development - minimum of 1 activity. Ideas: stress relief, diversity, etiquette, parliamentary procedures, etc.
    9. Miscellaneous- topic of groups choice.

These activities implemented under each topic should be described to the general reader. The description should include resources needed, the intended outcome, how many people are involved, etc – similar to a lesson plan. A separate typed New Member Education Event Form should be completed for each event.  Again, please make sure you include which letter above is identified on your NME form.

Questions should be directed to the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Office.

All activities should be submitted to the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Office or designee for review by the specified date give at Greek Council. This will allow for discussion between each organization and the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Office. Request for overnights should also be submitted with your information and rational for overnights must be included with the request. Changes after such date can only be made through consultation with the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Office.