New Member Education Policy

Heidelberg encourages organizations to develop a rich New Member Education Program that promotes the positive introduction of new members to the organizations history and culture. Heidelberg expects each organization to follow established guidelines when considering the structure of a New Member Education Program.

To establish positive New Member Education Programs, Heidelberg University expects each organization to use the following guidelines.

  1. Active members should keep in mind New Members physical and mental state before, during and after each activity at all times during pledging/orientation.
  2. A person will be appointed in the New Member class to monitor and notify the actives about the physical and mental state of the New Member class and/or its individual members. Both the advisor and the Dean of Student Affairs Office will be provided with the name of this individual, one day after New Member Education begins.
  3. Active members should (be willing to) participate in any activity with the New Members.
  4. Alumni and/or non-university community members may not participate (by directing, controlling or touching a New Member or active member at any time during New Member Education.
  5. A Group’s advisors must be supplied with and approve a detailed schedule of New Member Education activities for each New Member Education period scheduled.
  6. A Group’s advisors should be present at all New Member Education activities. An advisor must be present at the group's initiation ceremony.
  7. Each group should create their own statement or policy on "hazing" by providing a purpose to each of the program.
  8. Actives and New Members shall not be late for or miss any classes during the New Member Education period.
  9. New Member Education programs shall not interfere with the educational mission of the University, by disrupting classes, or causing an active or new member to be unprepared for class.
  10. Off Campus, events must be pre-approved by the Dean of Student Affairs Office. The group must submit an Off Campus approval form prior to the beginning of the New Member Education period.
    1. Safe and appropriate means of transportation must be used for all off campus events; an advisor should be present if at all possible.
    2. When mechanized transportation is used, the driver must be licensed, insured, and is responsible for all passengers and their safety in the vehicle.
  11. During on or off campus hikes at least three active members will be present.
    1. One active be at the beginning of the New Member group, one at the end, and one to float in-between.
    2. Hikes will not be held when visibility is less than one-half mile, when the weather is precipitous, or when the temperature is below 32 degrees F.
    3. A map of the route, which the hike will follow, must be submitted to the group advisor and the Dean of Students Office one week before the hike takes place.
    4. New Members must understand the general area within which they are hiking.
  12. During Clue Hunts actives will supervise New Members; at each station and along the way.
  13. Costuming during New Member Education will be limited to specific events and can not be required during the full New Member Education Period.
    1. Costuming can not violate the Heidelberg University Student Code of Conduct or the Heidelberg University Hazing policy.
    2. Costuming cannot restrict normal vision or movement.
    3. Costuming cannot obstruct the vision or movement of others.
    4. Costuming should not include articles that one person alone cannot carry, along with books or a meal tray.
  14. New Members may only Acknowledge and address actives if the New Member is on the direct path (without crossing the street) of an active member.
    1. There will be no addressing in the cafeteria and adjacent area, classrooms, bathrooms, library, place of work or New Members rooms.
    2. Acknowledging and addressing of actives will not interfere with the educational mission of the University.
    3. Acknowledging and addressing of actives will not include yelling or shouting above a normal conversational tone.
  15. When blindfolding is used within the a New Member Education program at least one active will accompany each New Member.
  16. All Heidelberg University policies must be enforced at all times during the NME process.  This includes, but is not limitied too, hazing policy, noise policy, and any other Greek Council requirement.  
  17. All questions about NME should be directed to the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs or designee.