Recruitment Rules

Off Day Rules

  • New Member Education session are permitted to take place from 8pm to 11:30pm on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Saturday events may extend until Sunday morning at 2AM.  All overnight requests must be approved by the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs or designee.
  • Study halls from 6-8 P.M. are mandatory during the weeks of New Member Education.  Study halls are required on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Study halls may last longer than 8pm with approval.
  • On Tuesdays and Thursdays New members will be able to have their own time (Off-Days).  NO New Member Education or Activities are permitted on these days.  Active members should not contact new members on off days (exception to this rule is if a time change occurs and is approved by the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs or designee).  Only NME Chairs are approved to contact new members on off days AND if a change is approved.
  • Greek Halls are allowed to be used on off-days by active members only
  • Contact between actives and New member must be initiated by New Members (that includes texts, phone calls, in person, social media sources, etc.). However, if there is a change in the NME schedule then the new member educator of each group may contact the new members.
  • This rule incudes the ability for active members to take new members off-campus, eat meals with them, etc. However, this can only be done if a New Member approaches an active member.
  • All New Members need to know what days are off and the rules for the off-days.
  • New Members can sit with actives at meals, but only on their own accord.


  • Posters can only be hung in the hallway leading into Hoernemann and on the corked boards of Miller Hall. They may also be hung in the stairwell of the Campus Center along the railings.
  • Posters should not have the Greek letters on them. Full names of the societies should be written out if used.
  • Posters should not be touching one another (no wallpapering the hallway).
  • All posters must be approved by the Office of Student Engagement or Campus Life Office.
  • One window per group will be permitted to be painted. These windows are the small windows leading into Miller facing Greenfield St.
  • Posters will be taken down if they are in the wrong places or not approved.