DeltsDelta Sigma Chi "Delts"

  • Founded: 1962
  • Colors: Navy Blue and White with a touch of Gold
  • Motto: Dianoias Stephanos Chryseos "the crown of wisdom is golden"
  • Community Service: 24 hour Dance-A-Thon, Heart Walk

There isn't really one way to describe an active member of Delta Sigma Chi- and we like it that way! No two Delts dressed in their navy blue and white are exactly alike, but what they share is a bond that goes deeper than the letters on their shirt. What they share is a common spirit, pride in their society and dedication to the humility of blue, the purity of white and the wisdom of gold. Promoting our sisterhood and simultaneously applauding our differences, we pride ourselves on our diversity as a group on campus. We are involved members of many other student organizations, athletic teams, and academic honoraries, and while we may be affiliated with other groups, our connection to Delta Sigma Chi remains important to each member. Our devotion to our sisters is unwavering and our love for the history, memories and songs of our society is forever.

EugsEuglossian Society "Eugs"

  • Founded: 1913
  • Colors: Royal Purple and White
  • Motto: Astra Castra Numen Lumen "The stars our campground, divinity our light"
  • Community Service: Blood Drive, Blanket out Domestic Violence

The Euglossian Society was formed after the Hesperian Society was split into two groups that would become the Euglossian and the Philalethean Societies. The name Euglossian stems from a Greek term meaning "fluency of tongue" and our colors, purple and white, stand for royalty and purity. The Euglossian flowers are the purple violet for modesty and the white rose for majesty. Our mascot is the skunk. Our slogan is "Modest, Pure, and Loving Quite," and we strive to live our lives accordingly. An important philosophy for all Euglossians is that we are "Eugnited but Eugnique." We embrace each member's individuality, and at the same time rejoice in the common bond we share in the spirit of Euglossia. Each semester you can see the Eugs hosting their semi-annual blood drive through the American Red Cross and they just started a new service-relationship with the Tiffin Battered Womens' Shelter where they donate blankets and other goods after a 24-hour drive called "Blanket Out Domestic Violence." The Eugs would like to encourage all students to check out Greek Life and, if they find their fit, to GO GREEK!

KappasKappa Psi Omega "Kappas"

  • Founded: 1968
  • Colors: Burgundy and White
  • Motto: Sincerity Our Truth, Individuality Our Goal
  • Community Service: Elmwood Nursing Home, Supporting Women's Empowerment

The Kappas are represented in virtually every aspect of campus life, including academic honoraries, campus organizations, musical ensembles, theater and athletics. As a group we unite our talents to provide service to the campus and community. We proudly represent our symbols of the ladybug, strawberry and trilogy, as well as our flower the daisy. We are really looking forward to getting to know all prospective and we wish you the best of luck. Remember to keep an open mind and GO GREEK!

Phi'sPhilalethean Society "Phis"

  • Founded: 1913
  • Colors: Emerald Green and Gold
  • Motto: Do Ye Beste
  • Community Service: Head Start Christmas, Community Leaf Rake

In 1913, the Hesperian Society split into two groups: the Philalethean Society and the Euglossian Society. The Phis are a diverse group, built upon tradition and the true meaning of sisterhood. True to our motto, "Do Ye Beste," the Philalethean Society has continually strived to bring each individual member to a realization of herself, and to a fuller development of a life of purpose. Consequently, this aim has developed, in all of our members, the inclination to put forth our "beste" efforts for the society and the college community.We stress the importance of individuals working together toward a common goal. This is why the Phis are so actively involved on and off campus. We partake in several community projects, such as the Head Start Christmas party, and leaf raking for the elderly, to just names a few. We also help with move-in day for freshmen, and local churches when needed. Other yearly events include, but are not limited to, Greek Sing, Homecoming Events, date parties, New Member Education, Greek Week, and our annual Spring Banquet. The women of the Philalethean Society hope that everyone has an exciting year at Heidelberg. We encourage all students to get involved in as many activities and organizations as possible. Most importantly, discover a whole new side of the 'Berg by taking a peek into Greek Life.

Zeta'sZeta Theta Psi "Zetas"

  • Founded: 2013
  • Colors: Crimson and Silver
  • Motto: We rise from the depths, immovable, an eternal knot of fire.
  • Community Service: True Beauty Day

Zeta Theta Psi was recently welcomed into the Heidelberg community and is the newest Greek society. Zeta Theta Psi is a society that strives to empower sophisticated ladies while inspiring an unwavering confidence, encouraging a well-rounded collegiate experience, and respecting all members of the community. We celebrate life, bravery, individuality, and above all, the bonds of sisterhood.