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Meeting people and making friends is a challenge when you are new in town and a new country! We start each semester with a meet & greet events for you to meet students from Heidelberg. The sooner you are involved in activities in the local community, the more exciting and rewarding your time in Heidelberg is. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.


AJY student rooms are located in university dormitories throughout the city or in private dormitories for students only. Dorms are coed with the exception of two women dormitories and all rooms are single occupancy. You have the opportunity to list your dorm preferences by completing the housing form.

Once the university student housing office informs us of your assignment, we will forward your dormitory address to you approximately one week before your arrival in Heidelberg. Your room is available to you on your official arrival day through the last day of the program as posted in the official program and semester dates. Extended fall and full year students keep their rooms during the holiday break in December. Full year students also keep their rooms during the break between the two semesters (mid-February to mid-April).

Students eating in cafeteriaMeals

Unlike cafeterias on your home campus, German cafeterias offer no meal plan for the semester. Instead, you purchase each meal individually and pay with your student ID card. The three large cafeterias, two near the AJY Study Center, offer reasonably-priced breakfast, lunch and dinner. The current daily menu is available online.

In addition, many ethnic restaurants, cafés, and fast-food places can be found in the Old Town around University Square. Students who prefer to cook can do so, as all shared apartments are equipped with a kitchen.

European map with citiesExploring Europe

You will find yourself working hard on your courses at the Universität Heidelberg, but that doesn't mean you won't have time for extensive travel. You can use some of your weekends, holidays, and the long break between semesters to explore Europe. The central location of Heidelberg in the heart of Europe with excellent train connections make it an ideal 'home base' for travel. In only a few hours, you can reach most major European cities by train.

Heidelberg is also conveniently located near Frankfurt International Airport, the busiest airport in Germany, and Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, a major hub for many budget airlines. Through the many airlines and train routes, Heidelberg can be your starting point to go anywhere you choose in Europe.

AJY staff will discuss possible destinations, ways to travel cheaply and will assist you in finding the best deals.


During your entire stay in Heidelberg, you will live in university dormitories. However, short-term homestays (one to two weeks duration) with German families are available for full year and full semester students who wish to experience life with a German family. Typically, these homestays take place during the holiday season in December or during the break between the fall and the spring semester. AJY cooperates with ‘Das Experiment’, a German non-profit organization that offers homestays throughout Germany. These homestays are available at virtually no charge to the student and are highly recommended.

Prospective students who are interested in this should consult the Experiment e.V.. Please be sure to contact AJY ( well in advance to ensure placement.

Get Involved

Universität Heidelberg Student Senate (Studierendenrat, StuRa) offers a list of links to non-academic activities, such as a sports club, choir, volunteer work, orchestra, cooking class, religious life, etc.

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