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Heidelberg University is a community, a family, comprised of as many personalities as there are people. With our “5 Things to Know” blog, you’ll get to know some of them. You’ll learn about their Heidelberg experience and other informative, fun – even quirky – anecdotes. Together, they tell the Heidelberg story.

5 Things: Dr. Pam Faber

Feb 19, 2020

 Heidelberg was one of 40 jobs for which Dr. Pam Faber applied. Growing up in the country, she was always around nature and found that she preferred to spend her time outside, which is where her interest in biology first started. With six degrees under her belt, Dr. Faber teaches anatomy and physiology courses as well as two different labs. But, she is known for much more than her teaching. 

5 Things: Taylor Valentine

Feb 13, 2020

Heidelberg always had Taylor Valentine’s interest. Her club volleyball team was located in Tiffin and she even played for ‘Berg head volleyball coach Jason Miller as her club coach for two years. “I had gotten used to his coaching style and liked the success of his program at Heidelberg,” she says. On top of already knowing her future college coach, she knew she wanted a school that was close to home. Taylor loved the feel of the campus but what really sealed the deal was the opportunity to earn an MBA tuition free through the PlusOne Advantage® program. At Heidelberg, Taylor has enjoyed her time on the volleyball team for all four year

5 Things: Marcus Marasigan

Feb 7, 2020

As a member of Heidelberg’s men’s lacrosse team, Marcus Marasigan arrived at Heidelberg when the sport was in just its second season. He originally enrolled at another college to play the sport, but changes in the program left him looking for a new home. When Heidelberg was able to match the financial aid, he was sold. Here, he has been able to expand his horizons beyond the classroom, pick up a couple of new hobbies and continue to tackle opportunities presented to him.

5 Things: Leah Cordy

Jan 31, 2020

It literally came down to the flip of a coin. Leah Cordy had narrowed her college choice to the Berg and a much larger public institution. At the 11th hour, she decided to leave her decision to chance. The coin came up heads for Heidelberg. But there were a few other strong factors in Heidelberg’s favor. “When I got here for my visit, it just felt good. It felt like home,” says Leah, who brought with her enough College Credit Plus credits to enter as a sophomore. It helped tremendously that Heidelberg was the only school that would accept all of those credits and count them as both gen eds and electives.

5 Things: Tommy Severson

Jan 23, 2020

Tommy Severson was “this close” to mailing in his deposit to another, smaller school, but he had a last-minute change of heart. There was just something about Heidelberg he couldn’t shake. “I’d always known about Heidelberg and always liked it,” he says. Maybe it was the familiarity with the campus or the perfect size, but now, as he begins his final semester, he’s glad he made the choice he did.

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