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Heidelberg University is a community, a family, comprised of as many personalities as there are people. With our “5 Things to Know” blog, you’ll get to know some of them. You’ll learn about their Heidelberg experience and other informative, fun – even quirky – anecdotes. Together, they tell the Heidelberg story.

5 Things: Jaylen Bannister

Dec 11, 2019

Jaylen Bannister didn’t know that Heidelberg – the first college among several that he visited – would become home. He had been recruited by defensive coordinator Branden Jakubcin, among others, and although he was interested in continuing to play football, he “just wanted to go to school.” Although late in the game, Jaylen, who’s from Berea, Ohio, committed to Heidelberg and he knows now he made the right decision.

5 Things: Liz Zak

Nov 25, 2019

Sometimes, people know what they want to do with their lives very early on. That’s Liz Zak. “My high school had a career tech program … I did the agriculture science program all four years,” says Liz. That experience confirmed for her that she wanted to pursue a career as a veterinarian, working with exotic animals. She’s well on her way. But there’s more to this animal lover and dog mom from Oregon, Ohio.

5 Things: Dr. Barry Devine

Nov 12, 2019

Dr. Barry Devine’s career as a radio broadcaster was short-lived, and Heidelberg is all the better for it. “I decided that was not the career for me, so I went back to school,” he says. As he pursued his second undergrad degree in English at the University of Washington, he realized what he really enjoys is literature. “And it turns out you can do a lot with an English degree.” When he finished his second degree, he met his future wife, Heleana Theixos, and they set off on grad school adventures that eventually brought both of them to Heidelberg.

5 Things: Maia Brower

Oct 31, 2019

Heidelberg came to Maia Brower long before she ever set foot on campus. During her sophomore year in high school, she began taking voice lessons from ’Berg music instructor Dr. Renée Claire, who went on the road for the lessons. One of the stops was Maia’s high school in Oak Harbor, Ohio. “I really enjoyed having her here every time she came,” Maia recalls. She has continued voice lessons all four years with Renée, also pursuing her interest in instrumental music with flute instructor Lori Akins.

5 Things: Ethan Miller

Oct 24, 2019

Ethan Miller entered Heidelberg as a chemistry major because that’s what his family told him he was best at. Nothing against the sciences, but by the end of his freshman year, he realized that his passion was in the arts and humanities. “I really latched onto English. That’s what makes me tick,” says Ethan, now a senior preparing for grad school. “English was one of the things that helped me find me and my identity.” So he switched his major to English writing and added theatre and psychology minors.

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