HYPE Day: Frank Warren

Oct 23, 2019 at 9:30am
HYPE Day: Frank Warren

The HYPE Career Ready® Program combines inspirational speakers, unique learning experiences, and professional skills to help every student prepare for life after college.

*Please note that HYPE sessions are only open to members of the Heidelberg community. To register to attend a HYPE keynote, email hype@heidelberg.edu no earlier than four weeks before the event.

About Frank Warren

Frank Warren demonstrates the power of sharing your hopes, dreams, fears and failures and how PostSecret became the catalyst for his passionate commitment to mental health advocacy. What started as a community mail art project in which people anonymously share never-before-voiced secrets has since captured our collective imagination and evolved into a worldwide phenomenon. Several New York Times best-selling books, national art exhibits and an album and theatrical production later, PostSecret website has become the most visited ad-free blog in the world. PostSecret has also raised over $1 million for suicide prevention and earned Frank a Mental Health Advocacy Lifetime Achievement Award. 

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