Annual WSU International Dinner bridges cultures

Annual WSU International Dinner bridges cultures

As Heidelberg reaches Thanksgiving break, so does World Student Union with its annual International Dinner. Every year, right before break, World Student Union hosts an International Dinner open to all of Heidelberg as well as the Tiffin community. 

This year it looked a little different, as everything has. But, the group worked hand-in-hand with Parkhurst Dining Services to make the event happen as close to normal as possible. On November 19, the dinner took place and with more than 14 countries represented on campus this year. The menu featured options from countries like France, Libya, Japan, Taiwan, Norway, Colombia, Egypt and others. 

Some of the popular dishes were Empanadas, English Shepards Pie, Bruschetta, Cheese Naan, Tiramisu, Sushi, Mochi balls and more. 

Christina Mealwitz, president of World Student Union, says it is a great way to develop full inclusion on the campus with all students. “This dinner is a celebration of the many different cultures we have on campus. This event is important to our group and our campus as it provides students the opportunity to have a taste of the world, quite literally,” Christina explains.

This year, to follow regulations, the group provided a program to everyone in attendance with a QR code that links to an international video featuring some of Heidelberg’s current international students stating their name, where they are from, and a short message in their native language. 

Although times are different right now, the dinner is something the group looks forward to each year in an effort to connect our international students to those around them. The tradition was able to still happen as the group served alongside the employees of Parkhurst while enjoying some delicious food and talking to those from other countries. 

Written by Amanda Overy, '21.

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