Title IX Investigation

September 2, 2017

To the Heidelberg Community,

You can read more about the university's SEX DISCRIMINATION POLICY as well our TITLE IX policies and procedures here.

- Our Title IX investigation started promptly when recent campus events were reported. This process is fully underway.

- There has not, as of 2:34 p.m. today, been a report of rape on campus or involving any member of the Heidelberg community.

- Heidelberg has a process in place for addressing complaints, including those incidents which may violate any component of the SEX DISCRIMINATION POLICY.

- Heidelberg takes all complaints and reports of sexual misconduct seriously and takes measures as needed, whether requested or not, to protect all parties involved.

- Heidelberg follows its policy in order to provide procedural due process to all parties.

- Heidelberg officials are following their processes and handling complaints appropriately.

- No Heidelberg official is authorized to comment specifically on any ongoing or active case and would never violate the confidentiality of the process by responding to inaccurate or embellished accusations posted via social media outlets. 

- The Title IX Coordinator is encouraged by the increased attention to safety and awareness and looks forward to a robust student participation as the new Title IX awareness campaigns kick off this year.

We appreciate everyone's attention, concern and commitment to making our Heidelberg University campus a safe, respectful and secure place of learning for all students, faculty, staff, alumni, trustees, friends and guests all of the time.

Robert H. Huntington, President
Margaret Rudolph, Chief Human Resources Officer and Title IX Coordinator

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