Turf’s in for summer

Heidelberg undertook three capital projects this summer, representing an investment of $4.2 million. Here’s an update on the progress of all three projects: new turf and track at Hoernemann Stadium, the Pfleiderer Hall restoration/beautification and Phase II of the Hoernemann Refectory renovation.

Turf/track replacement

Timing is everything. With one day to go before the start of football camp, workers completed the installation of new turf at Hoernemann Stadium Tuesday, Aug. 7.

“We put the original turf in in 2008. It was a good experience, but it has a life cycle of 9-11 years. We were in the 10th, so it was time,” said Rod Morrison, associate vice president for facilities and engineering.

The final, finishing piece to be put in place was the Student Prince logo on the 50-yard line, and that was to be completed on Thursday.

Next up: Installation of the new track. The material for the new track is in transit. That’s not an issue, though, because the turf replacement had to be finished first, Rod said. Currently, the asphalt surface is being prepped, with the track projected to be done by the end of August. Concrete work for a new pole vault and long jump pit at the east end of Hoernemann Stadium is complete.

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Pfleiderer Hall beautification/renovation

By Friday, Aug. 10, the interior renovations in Pfleiderer will be substantially complete. “A lot of work was accomplished in a short period of time,” Rod said. On the interior, an elevator was installed and classrooms and restrooms were upgraded. Faculty will move back into their offices next week and new furniture is scheduled to be delivered on Aug. 20, in time for the start of classes on the 22nd. The entrance to Herbster Chapel has been opened up, giving a more welcoming feel to the lobby. Exterior work to complete the project will be ongoing through the fall semester. 



Hoernemann Refectory addition

Phase II of the addition to Hoernemann Refectory – a joint project with our food service vendor Parkhurst Dining – is in its early stages, with some of the interior work already under way. The two-story loft will include a bakery and coffee shop on the first floor and casual lounge seating on the second floor. A second entrance is being created, as are several “grab and go” parking spaces. Crews are working diligently on the “clean plate” station inside Hoernemann. It will be a self-contained area for the storage, preparation, cooking and cleaning to serve those with allergies or special dietary needs. The “clean plate” station will set a standard for the possibilities to serve those with food allergy concerns and those who just want to eat healthier, Rod said. Work will continue through the fall semester with a projected conclusion date in December.


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