Media Communication Center

You cannot escape the influence of media and technology, no matter what career path you choose. No matter what your major is, Heidelberg’s Media Communication Center gives you the opportunity to practice and improve writing, editing, speaking skills, and develop leadership abilities by working with peers to produce shows and run productions.

At the Media Communication Center (MCC) you can pursue what interests you - become a cameraman, host your own sports radio talk show, or gain real broadcasting experience through reporting. You can work behind the scenes or become an on-air personality. Either way, your experiences in the MCC will give you valuable media experience that complements any career.

WHEI – TV 10 Station

Heidelberg's TV 10 broadcasts the evening news during "Live at 5" from 5-5:30 p.m. This program is produced, directed and delivered by students. Students learn valuable skills in reporting, videography, anchoring and directing, all applicable in the working world of broadcast news media. Heidelberg media students have also produced their own game shows, comedy shows and sports programs.

WHEI – FM Radio

Heidelberg's radio station WHEI 88.9 operates as a non-commercial station 24/7. The station operates with a free form programming format which allows student DJs to play whatever kind of music appeals to them and their audiences. That station also broadcasts live coverage of Heidelberg athletic events. The station is also streamed online.

Tiffin Broadcasting Company

The MCC also houses a professional radio station, the Tiffin Broadcasting Company (WTTF). The station has long provided local programming to the community of Tiffin and Seneca County and offers options for students seeking careers in traditional broadcasting services to collect commercial radio resume experience without leaving campus.

Kilikilik Newspaper Office

Gain writing, editing, and layout experience by working for Heidelberg’s student newspaper. The Kilikilik (more commonly known as The Kil) allows students to write about what interests them. You could report on athletic events, write a fashion column, or dig into campus issues through investigative reporting.

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