Business Administration Major Requirements

Business Administration is a solid preparation for a career in business or management and for graduate school. As a professional program which provides opportunity for intersection of scholarship and practice, students develop specialized knowledge, skills, and competencies.

Major in Business Administration


•  BAE 101: Introduction to Business Administration
•  ACC 190: Principles of Accounting
•  ECO 102: Principles of Economics
•  PHI 216: Ethics or PHI 218: Ethics in Professional Life
•  MTH 119: Statistics I
•  BUS 201: Business Communications
•  BUS 270: Data Analytics
•  MGT 200: SLAM
•  MKT 200: Marketing
•  FIN 301: Corporate Finance
•  MGT 328: Think Global
•  BAE 318: Business Law
•  MGT 490: Capstone Strategy


In addition to the business core, Business Administration majors much complete at least three elective business courses. You'll work with your faculty advisor to select courses that will align with your career goals. This gives you the opportunity to specialize in areas like marketing, finance, and management. 

Minor in Business Administration

•  ECO 102: Principles of Economics
•  ACC 190: Principles of Accounting
•  BAE 101: Introduction to Business Administration
•  MTH 119: Statistics I
•  MKT 200: Marketing
•  MGT 200: Principles of Management
•  FIN 301: Corporate Finance

This does not replace official academic requirements in the university catalog. Enrolled students will work their faculty advisor to ensure they meet all the requirements of their major.