Criminology Major Requirements

The Department of Psychology and Criminology offers a major in Criminology, which considers the theoretical and practical aspects of criminogenic factors in American society. The program focuses on the application of psychological and sociological theories to understand criminal behavior, with emphasis on conducting and critiquing social science research as it applies to policies impacting the criminal justice system.

Major in Criminology


•  CRM 151: Introduction to Criminal Justice
•  CRM 210: Research Methods
•  CRM 491: Senior Seminar
•  PSY 101: General Psychology
•  SOC 100: Introduction to Sociology
•  SOC 310: Intermediate Data Science I

Select 2 from:

•  CRM 220: Policing and Law Enforcement
•  CRM 221: Corrections
•  CRM 362: Juvenile Justice
•  CRM 380: Topics in Criminal Justice
•  POL 235: The Constitution and the Structure of Government: Struggles for Power
•  POL 236: Criminal Procedure and Individual Rights

Select 3 from:

•  CRM 333: Psychology and Law
•  CRM 357: Victimology
•  PSY 209: Abnormal Psychology
•  PSY 310: Social Psychology
•  SOC 373: Sociology of Deviance
•  SOC 380: Topics in Sociology
•  SOC 445: Sociology of Religion

Select 1 from:

•  BSC 370: Internship in Criminology
•  BSC 371: Independent Research Project
•  BSC 372: Study Abroad

This does not replace official academic requirements in the university catalog. Enrolled students will work their faculty advisor to ensure they meet all the requirements of their major. 

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