About the Economics Major

Study how individuals, communities, corporations and even nations decide to use their limited resources. Some of the theories you’ll learn include demand theory and estimation, production and cost, market structure, antitrust policy, government regulations, inflation, unemployment and international economics.


Below are the course requirements for the Economics Major:

  • MTH 119 Statistics
  • MTH 121 Elementary Functions or MTH 222 Calculus
  • PHI 216 Ethics OR 218 Ethics in Professional Life
  • ECO 251 Principles of Microeconomics
  • ECO 252 Principles of Macroeconomics Choose one: ACC 190 or ACC 201
  • ECO 361 Intermediate Micro Theory
  • ECO 362 Intermediate Macro Theory
  • Choose one: ECO 352, FIN 301, FIN 350, FIN 355 or FIN 430
  • ECO 451 Senior Capstone in Economics
  • Choose one: ECO 352, FIN 301, FIN 350, FIN 355 or FIN 430.

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Cris Gossard '87

Cris is the Senior Vice President of Corporate Banking at WesBanco.

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