Geology class
Type of Degree: Concentration, Minor

This Geology minor gives you an introduction to earth science and advanced topics in surface and environmental systems. You’ll study the use of natural resources, the preservation of the environment, global change, and the mitigation of geologic hazards. You can also choose to major in Environmental Science and choose geology as a concentration.

Combine with Biology or English.

Minor in Geology


•  GEO 101: Physical Geology
•  GEO 101L: Laboratory Studies in Physical Geology
•  GEO 201: Environmental Geology
•  GEO 250: Geographical Information Systems
•  GEO 305: Regional Field Geology
•  GEO 306: Regional Field Geology
•  GEO 308: Surface Water Systems
•  GEO 350: Soils and Groundwater
•  ENS 300: Issues in Environmental Science


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