German Major Requirements

Recent history calls for a deeper understanding of the unique cultural and political significance of the German-speaking peoples of Central Europe. Commercial ties and cooperation in research underscore the usefulness of German as a vocational asset. Students majoring in German reap these rewards; and they gain access to the wealth of German civilization.

If you have previous training in German and wish to continue the language at Heidelberg University, you’ll take the German Placement test. The results of the test and consideration of your previous German training will form the basis for placement at the appropriate level. If you have completed three or more years of German in high school, you may apply for credit by examination for courses beyond GER 101, 102.

German Major

30 semester hours beyond the introductory level


•  GER 290: Preparation for Study Abroad
•  GER 489: German Portfolio
•  GER 490: Senior Capstone Experience
•  Two German literature courses taken in Heidelberg, Germany
•  Two semesters at the American Junior Year at Heidelberg

One of the following:

•  ANT 200: Cultural Anthropology
•  LIT 102: Literary Genres
•  HIS 106: World Civilizations II
•  NDI 301: Literature and Fine Arts I
•  NDI 302: Literature and Fine Arts II
•  POL 263: European Politics OR any course in another language

Minor in German

15 semester hours beyond the introductory level

While a study abroad experience is not required to minor in German, it is recommended you spend at least a semester or a summer at the American Junior Year at Heidelberg, Germany or another site approved by the Department of Languages.

This does not replace official academic requirements in the university catalog. Enrolled students will work their faculty advisor to ensure they meet all the requirements of their major. 

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