Health Science Major Requirements

The health science major prepares students for a variety of studies including schools, businesses, health care settings, and the community in a variety of healthcare related positions. You will be equipped with educational tools and techniques to use in your profession by emphasizing both health behavior theories and practical application through educational programming and service in the field.

Major in Health Science

Course Descriptions  


•  HSC 110: Foundations of Professional Practice
•  HSC 150: Medical Terminology
•  HSC 290: Applied Pharmacology and Pathology
•  HSC 360: Medical Imaging Basics
•  HSC 370: Internship in Health Sciences
•  HSC 390: Applications of Professional Practice
•  HSC 425: Healthcare Seminar
•  HSC 477: Kinesiology and Biomechanics of Exercise
•  HSC 485: Healthcare Administration
•  HSC 487: Exercise Physiology
•  HSC 490: Research Methods in Health Sciences
•  ATR 171: Acute Care of Injury & Illness
•  ATR 213: Anatomy for Orthopedic Assessment
•  ESS 240: Community Health
•  ESS 306: Nutrition
•  PSY 101: General Psychology
•  Either PSY 206, 207, or 209.
•  MTH 119: Statistics I
•  MTH 219: Statistics II
•  Either BIO 110: Contemporary Biological Problems or BIO 123: Biology I
•  Either BIO 235: Human Physiology or BIO 363: Human Anatomy and Physiology I
•  Either CHM 103: Fundamentals of Chemistry or CHM 111: General Chemistry I

Select 1 from:

•  ATR 389: Principles of Strength & Conditioning
•  ANT 200: Cultural Anthropology
•  EDU 200: Human Growth and Development
•  ESS 116: Health and Wellness
•  PHI 216: Ethics
•  PHI 217: Bioethics
•  PSY 206: Child Psychology
•  PSY 207: Adolescent Psychology
•  PSY 209: Abnormal Psychology
•  PSY 212: Sport Psychology

Pre-Professional Curriculum Option

Several sub-disciplines of Health Sciences are graduate level programs that have competitive admissions processes that will demand the students have high academic marks and appropriate prerequisite coursework.  For students with such ambitions, the department has developed the Pre-Professional Curriculum Option that is designed to meet standard prerequisites for graduate studies in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Chiropractic, and Physician Assistant Studies.  The specific prerequisite coursework will vary by program and institution, therefore requiring students and their departmental advisor to develop a path that meets the students’ aspirations.

This does not replace official academic requirements in the university catalog. Enrolled students will work their faculty advisor to ensure they meet all the requirements of their major. 

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