International Studies

International Studies
Type of Degree: Minor

Regional and global economies, global communications, and the movement of people and cultures are redefining our interconnected world. Gain the intercultural knowledge and skills you need to become a global leader. You'll learn about cross-cultural studies and international relations 


Model UN

Travel with your friends to the Model UN Far West Conference. Every year, a delegation of Heidelberg students travel to San Francisco to participate in the annual conference, representing different countries, serving in leadership roles, and meeting students from across the country.


  • Peace Corps Officer
  • Diplomat
  • Foreign Affairs Analyst
  • International Journalist
  • Embassy Official

Minor in International Studies


•  POL 221: Global Politics
•  ECO 251: Principles of Microeconomics or ECO 252: Principles of Macroeconomics
•  HIS 106: World Civilizations II
•  ANT 200: Cultural Anthropology

Select 1 from:

•  HIS 333: Politics and History of East Asia
•  HIS 352: Latin American History
•  HIS 357: History of England
•  HIS 359: History of Germany

Select 1 from:

•  POL 240: African Politics
•  POL 263: European Politics
•  POL 293: Introduction to Canada
•  POL 383: Politics and History of the Middle East

Select 1 from:

•  ENS 101: Introduction to Environmental Science
•  NDI 382: Introduction to Linguistics
•  GEO 201: Environmental Geology
•  REL 204: Religions of the World
•  MUS 213: World Music

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