Media Technology

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Type of Degree: Minor

Knowing how to use technology is becoming a mandatory skill in a variety of fields.  This minor will introduce you to many different types of technology and how to use them effectively. It gives you the opportunity to use a large variety of technological platforms to create a body of work for a portfolio that will help showcase your skills to future employers. 

This is a hands-on minor where you'll be creating and using media - no lecture classes here. 

Media Technology Minor


•  MED 171: Digital Storytelling
•  COM 209: Visual Communication or ART 131: Graphic Design
•  MED 307: Sight, Sound, and Motion
•  MED 326: Animation and Effects

Pick three:

•  MED 369A: Newspaper Practicum
•  MED 369B: Radio/ TV Practicum
•  MED 369C: Self-Design Practicum
•  MUS 370: Music Internship
•  THR 370: Theatre Internship
•  MED 370: Media Internship
•  THR 219: Experiential Learning in Theatre Production

Pick one:

•  MUS 240: Audio Recording and Production
•  MED 126: Video Game Production
•  PHY 104: Introduction to Photography

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