RN-BSN Completion Pathway

You became a nurse because healing is your calling. You’re ready for the next step because you know you can make a bigger impact. Heidelberg University's online RN-to-BSN program allows you to become the nurse leader you know you can be in as little as one year.

The RN-BSN Completion pathway provides the opportunity for licensed nurses to obtain a BSN in a friendly and flexible online environment with convenient clinical arrangements. It is designed to meet the needs of adult students who have work and perhaps family commitments. 

You will complete eight online baccalaureate nursing courses via Heidelberg faculty; two of which include a clinical component. Courses will engage you through online activities that include, but are not limited to, in-depth discussions, interprofessional relationships, FEMA certifications, CDC surveillances, and correspondence with local and national lawmakers to influence change that affects healthcare and the profession.  

Student Opportunities

As a member of two campus communities, you will have the opportunity to participate in campus activities and student services, as well as access resources from both schools of higher education. You can even live in Heidelberg residence halls while completing courses at Terra. You can join Heidelberg college student organizations as well as professional nursing organizations such as:

•  State Nurses Association
•  National Student Nurse Association
•  Nursing Director Advisory Council

RN-BSN Completion Curriculum 

Students must reach 120 semester hours via transfer credit, escrow, and Heidelberg.
Thirty (30) residency credits must be earned at Heidelberg University.

Admission Requirements

Deferred tuition payment is available if the students receive Employer Tuition Assistance.

•  Registered Nurse Licensure
•  College Composition
•  Statistics and/or algebra
•  Bio 121 and 122 ( A & P) with labs

Prerequisites for Nursing Courses

(may be taken at Heidelberg or transferred for credit)

•  Chemistry - 2 courses, with lab
•  Microbiology
•  Ethics
•  Psychology: General, Developmental or Lifespan

General Education Requirements

Students need an additional 30 credits hours:

•  12 of which need to be Humanities/Fine Arts credits
•  12 of which need to be at the 300/400 Level

Post-Licensure Nursing Courses Online

Two 7.5-week intensive sessions per semester
Two courses per session


•  NRS 400 – Theoretical Foundation of Nursing
•  NRS 410 – Legal & Ethical Issues in Nursing
•  NRS 420 – Healthcare Technology & Informatics
•  NRS 430 – Research & Evidence Applications (Capstone)


•  NRS 440 – Communication, Population, & Global Health*
•  NRS 450 – Interprofessional Roles in Global Health
•  NRS 460 – Health Policy & Advocacy
•  NRS 470 – Leading & Managing Healthcare Teams*

* = clinical course

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