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Like many other liberal arts majors, studying religion provides critical thinking, reading, and writing skills that can take you into many different career fields. Majoring in religion will also open your mind to new experiences, people, and cultures, exposing you to the diversity and complexity of the world.

Religion courses are designed to help you gain a mature understanding of religion and appreciate the importance of values, meaning and faith as integral parts of human life. Courses in Religion also provide undergraduate preparation if you plan to continue study in a theological seminary or graduate school.


Expanding Your Study

There are numerous ways to enrich the study of religion. You'll encounter religion during a study abroad semester or in a local internship. Religion is an important topic in other academic fields including philosophy and sociology, and you'll be encouraged to explore what interests you.

Student Organizations

Heidelberg offers numerous student organizations devoted to the development of spiritual life on campus. These organizations are: Campus Fellowship, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, The Newman Club, Cultural and Spiritual Club, and Students for Progressive Theology.

Meet the Faculty

Our students say the best part of Heidelberg is working with their professors. Meet the faculty of this department. 


  • Social Worker
  • Pastor
  • School Counselor
  • Director of Youth Ministries
  • Non-profit Director


Religion majors pursue careers in teaching, business, journalism, radio, museum work, law, and marketing. Others spend time with social programs such as the Peace Corps, Teach for America, or non-profits. Sam Conde ’16 enrolled in Seminary to earn his master of divinity.

“I did a lot of exploring at Heidelberg. I was able to refine what I’m interested in and find a path that brought my interests together.”


Below is a sampling of courses offered in religion. For more information, see the major requirements.

  • History of Christian Thought
  • Intro to Islamic Civilization
  • Medieval History
  • Religion and Politics in America
  • Christian Social Ethics

For a more detailed academic schedule, or to ask questions about any of our majors, contact the Admission Office at or 419-448-2330.


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