Math Camp is Action

What is HUCTM?

Heidelberg University Council of Teachers of Mathematics (HUCTM) is a student affiliate of the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics. HUCTM provides education majors with opportunities for top-notch experiences in the classroom, attending professional conferences, and taking on leadership roles. With this group, you'll lead empowering, engaging, and memorable mathematical learning experiences for area school children.

Running these math camps strengthens our teaching practices and helps build our confidence. You have to learn how to take content and think of ways to create activities that increase engagement. We want to give kids a new perspective on math, while helping them to learn to love learning and love math. 

— Autumn Simpson '21
Learn how to run a Math Camp

Heidelberg's math camp program runs in two parts. First, you'll learn how to run a math camp. You'll create, practice, and rehearse activities, games, art, and dances that will enable children to uncover the concepts, patterns, and relationships behind classroom mathematics instruction. You'll practice with your fellow classmates and run a Collegiate Math Camp. Then, you'll go out into the surrounding communities to run real math camps for elementary schools.

Through these math camps, you will gain confidence, knowledge, and innovative ideas that will strengthen your teaching practices. It also lets you practice new ways of creating engagement classroom content, which is an advantage you can use throughout your career. HUCTM is continually working with the community to enhance educational experiences, leaving a lasting impact on all children