The TEACH-n-STEAM initiative is a collaborative professional partnership between Heidelberg University’s School of Education and local K-5 educators. 

As part of your field experiences in local schools you’ll collaborate with your mentor teacher and your Heidelberg professor to develop STEAM activities and lessons for kindergarten through 5th grade students. When these students visit campus, you’ll plan and facilitate hands-on STEAM activities in Heidelberg’s science labs and classrooms.

The TEACH-n-STEAM program provided me an opportunity to be placed in a STEAM classroom for my field experience. My mentor teacher and I were able to learn alongside one another to brainstorm and co-teach STEAM activities for the class, and I began facilitating Number Talks with our students embedded with various STEAM related activities. I was even able to conduct research on the effectiveness of implementing Number Talks, a mathematical routine. 

— Anna Cavanaugh '21
Connect with local teachers

'Berg education students join forces with STEAM teachers and education professors to host Kindergarten - 5th grade field trips to explore the Heidelberg campus, classrooms, and science labs. You and your class will join forces with local STEAM teachers to host K-5th grade students on campus as they visit Heidelberg’s classrooms and labs.

education classroom
Empower Students

TEACH-n-STEAM's vision statement is "to cultivate a culture of pedagogical inquiry that empowers educators to innovate educational systems through STEAM”.  TEACH-n-STEAM creates communities of practices and provides ongoing professional development experiences to local  educators.