Theatre Education

Students wishing to obtain licensure from the state of Ohio to teach theatre/drama to any age group may add the Theatre Education Licensure Track to their theatre major (any concentration). While specific elements of educator licensure vary from state to state, there is sufficient similarity so that this program will satisfy requirements in many states. 

Solana plans on moving to New York City after graduation to begin auditioning. She chose Heidelberg because of the welcoming atmosphere she felt when she visited campus.
Solana Petrone '22

We’re always encouraged to learn everything we can within the theatre department. With this minor, as well as the MBA program, there are just so many tracks that I can take for my future, and I’ll be ready to tackle anything that comes my way. 

Minor in Theatre Education
EDU 110: Introduction to Education
EIS 200: Human Growth and Development
EIS 281: Assessment and Grading for Equity in Education
EDU 220: Principles of Teaching
EDU 350: Reading to Learn the Content Area
EDU 416: Seminar in Student Teaching
EDU 430: Student Teaching: Multi-Age
THR 375: Creative Drama
This track must be completed in conjunction with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre in any of the three concentrations.
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