Our Commitment to Opportunity

Our Commitment to Opportunity ensures you a transparent pathway to a quality professional liberal arts education at a competitive price and provides the necessary experiences to ensure success after graduation. Each component in our commitment is designed to build confidence in the decision that you may have about making an investment in your education and guide you through your four years in a way that maximizes your experience. 

College is an Investment

You know that college is an investment in your future, and Heidelberg wants to make that investment pay off. Standing by our mission to provide unimpeded access to an affordable and value-driven education to students of every background, we aim to provide a quality private education at a price that is competitive with most publicly funded schools in the state of Ohio. Here are some of the ways we accomplish this:

Test Optional Admission and Scholarship Awarding

We value you as a person, as well as your academic credentials and track record. With that in mind, we provide test optional admission for students who do not feel that their ACT/SAT score is reflective of their academic ability. Pursuing this option does not affect your academic scholarship award. 

A Tuition Guarantee

We believe a fixed tuition rate will ease the financial concerns of many families and provide confidence that Heidelberg will remain affordable all four years of your educational experience. Our Tuition Guarantee locks in tuition costs over four years of study.

It is wonderful to see that Heidelberg cares about the stress that higher education can put on families financially. One of my biggest stresses has been seeing my tuition raised annually. Even if it was a small percentage, it always added to the bill. But with this new policy that is no longer an issue!  -Gavin Burma '22

A Four-Year Graduation Guarantee

Heidelberg is committed to helping all students graduate in four years by providing easy-to-follow steps to stay on track. If you meet all the conditions of the Four-Year Graduation Guarantee, but are unable to graduate in four years, we'll let you to take the courses you need to graduate tuition-free and offer you free room and board on campus.


A Career is the Goal

We’re committed to offering opportunities that will impact your future success because getting a job and pursuing a career is the whole point of college. You’ll be supported holistically throughout your entire Heidelberg education, which means you won’t just leave with a degree, you’ll graduate with relevant experiences, practical knowledge, and the confidence you’ll need to succeed throughout your career. Here are some of the ways we help you increase the value of your education:

The HYPE Career Ready® Program

We created the HYPE Program to ensure you'll graduate with versatile skills that complement your academic path. While your major teaches you a specific discipline, HYPE gives you a broad set of skills that will help you navigate a successful career. 

Liberal Arts Curriculum

Heidelberg is proud to be a liberal arts institution. Our curriculum is designed to give you the flexibility to explore your interests, double major, and distinguish yourself. This plus professional preparation opportunities makes you desirable in the job market. 

The PlusOneAdvantage®

Heidelberg's PlusOneAdvantage MBA Tuition-Free Scholarship offers students the opportunity to pursue a Master of Business Administration degree. Any student​ who completes a bachelor’s degree (in any major) at Heidelberg in four years with at least a 3.0 GPA will be eligible to stay and earn a MBA tuition-free.

So, does this work?

Our rankings seem to say so. Not only have we been consistently ranked in the top tier of the Midwest region by U.S. News and World report, but our outcomes and student success have lead to being named:

  • No. 13 and a "top performer" on the Social Mobility list 
  • No. 8 on the list of “best value” schools 
  • No. 5 on a new list of Best Schools in Ohio for Jobs

Heidelberg helped prepare me to become successful in so many ways. From the educational and professional skills I developed in classes, to the leadership and communication skills I developed from the community and athletics, I wouldn’t be the person I am today without Heidelberg.  -Naomi Smith '19

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