Tuition Guarantee

The cost of higher education is rising across the Midwest, causing uncertainty and anxiety for many families. Heidelberg University wants to ease the stress and provide confidence that Heidelberg will remain affordable and accessible to students throughout their fours years on campus by offering a tuition guarantee.

The Guarantee

We believe a fixed tuition rate will ease the financial concerns of many families and provide confidence that Heidelberg will remain affordable all four years of your educational experience. 

Our Tuition Guarantee locks in tuition costs over four years of study.

This means, the tuition you pay for your first year will be the same price you pay for your fourth year. No surprises. No hikes. You and your family will know exactly what to expect each year and can plan more effectively. We believe this is the best course of action to ensure a Heidelberg education remains accessible and affordable for families of all backgrounds. 

This doesn't mean your costs will be the exact same every year - room, board, fees, and scholarships can vary year to year - but you won't have to worry about tuition increases that are often a driving factor of financial strain on families. 

Affordability is Important

When frozen over four years, the total cost of a Heidelberg education will drop below the cost of many large state schools in Ohio and keep tuition below the cost of most private institutions across the Midwest. In real dollars, this new model will save you and your family thousands of dollars during your time at Heidelberg. 

With a set tuition rate for all years of study, Heidelberg students and their families will know exactly what to expect each year and can be assured that when they see they can afford the opportunity to enroll at Heidelberg, that will remain the case throughout their time here.  - Dr. Tony Bourne, vice president of Enrollment Management and Marketing

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