Student Ambassadors

When you visit campus, you will have the chance to tour campus with one of our student ambassadors. Take the opportunity to ask them questions about life at the Berg. They know firsthand what you're going through and are here to help you!

Gracie Abner '22Gracie Abner

Hometown: Hamilton, OH
Major: Education

Why Heidelberg? I chose Heidelberg because the moment I stepped foot on this campus, it felt like home to me. It feels like one big family here. You never feel alone.



Jess Ballow '21Jess Ballow

Hometown: Wooster, OH
Major: Athletic Training 

Why Heidelberg? I chose Heidelberg because as soon as I got on campus it felt like I was meant to be here and I could do everything I wanted to academically while still playing sports and being involved in campus.



Riley Bartels '22Riley Bartels

Hometown: Elida, OH
Major: Education and History

Why Heidelberg? I chose Heidelberg because of how friendly everyone was to me the multiple times I visited. I also have the opportunity to play soccer at the collegiate level while receiving a great education. The people are who make this place special and I have met lifelong friends both on my team, in my classes, and in the Berg community.



Victoria Bunevich '22Victoria Bunevich

Hometown: Broadview Heights, OH
Major: Spanish, Women's and Gender Studies

Why Heidelberg? I chose Heidelberg because every time I visited campus, my face hurt because I could not stop smiling. I had an overall gut feeling that Heidelberg is where I was supposed to be. As well as the fact that we have such intimate class sizes and so much campus involvement that you know everyone and create such a good community.



Gavin Buurma '22Gavin Buurma

Hometown: Willard, OH
Major: Finance and Theatre 

Why Heidelberg? I chose Heidelberg because it just felt like home. I sat in on a Theatre rehearsal until late one night, and after I left the rehearsal I was walking down the center of campus and just knew it was a place I wanted to be for the next 4-years of my life.



McKenna Byrne '22McKenna Byrne

Hometown: Ottoville, OH
Major: Education

Why Heidelberg? I choose to come to Heidelberg because it’s small and personal. I come from a small town and I love it. Because of that I knew I needed a smaller school where I could get to know my professors and know a big portion of the student body. 



Anna Cavanaugh '21Anna Cavanaugh

Hometown: Maineville, OH​
Major: Education




Isabel Chasney '21​Isabel Chasney

Hometown: Milan, OH​
Major: Political Science and International Studies

Why Heidelberg? I chose Heidelberg because it was a community of kind hearted people who were looking to make an impact and I wanted to be a part of that.



Ashley Dawson '21Ashley Dawson

Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Major: Theatre and Music

Why Heidelberg? From my first visit to campus (day zero as a Student Prince!), I felt welcomed and supported by the faculty and staff. Everyone was so excited and genuinely helpful through what could have been an incredibly stressful experience. Instead, it was an amazing day and I was so happy to find my 'Berg family and sweet alma home.



Bernae DySart '22Bernae DySart

Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Major: History and Political Science

Why Heidelberg? I choose Heidelberg because I thought that it was the perfect fit for my learning style and needs. I met professors who were interested and engaged with what I had to say, even as a visiting student. The school was the community that I had done well in during high school; I wanted to experience the same community in which I was thriving in before. One of the driving reasons for committing to Heidelberg was the lively and supportive History Department. I felt that those professors would be best in helping me achieve my goals within History.


Seth Eisenhower '22Seth Eisenhower

Hometown: Green Springs, OH
Major: Music and Theatre

Why Heidelberg? As soon as I stepped foot on campus I just knew that I was coming here. I just got that home feelings. Plus I met all the teachers and the music department and I fell in love with it and knew that this is where I wanted to spend my next four years!



Ethan Gallant '21Ethan Gallant

Hometown: Defiance, OH
Major: Communication 

Why Heidelberg? Choosing Heidelberg was an easy decision for me. Everyone was so nice, and within ten minutes of being on campus, I felt welcomed and at home.



Kaitlyn Hage '22Kaitlyn Hage

Hometown: Marion, OH
Major: Education




Lo Jackson '21Lo Jackson

Hometown: Canal Winchester, OH
Major: Music and Theatre




Noah Kennard '22Noah Kennard

Hometown: Shelby, OH
Major: Education

Why Heidelberg? I loved the family atmosphere that this campus has and all the different opportunities it had waiting for me.



Madison Leiser '22Madison Leiser

Hometown: New Carlisle, OH
Major: Criminology and Psychology

Why Heidelberg? I chose Heidelberg because it was a beautiful campus that was able to provide me with the personal learning experiences I needed in order to succeed in life.



Peyton Miller '21Peyton Miller

Hometown: Old Fort, OH
Major: Health Science

Why Heidelberg? I chose Heidelberg because of the connections I was able to create with faculty and staff. The opportunities were endless at Heidelberg, and I felt it was a place where I could be myself while finding my passions and creating a future.



Lauren Mussig '22Lauren Mussig

Hometown: Seven Hills, OH
Major: Biology and Chemistry




Liana Petitti '22Liana Petitti

Hometown: Olmsted Township, OH
Major: Education

Why Heidelberg? I chose Heidelberg because from the moment I stepped on campus I felt at home. There were countless opportunities here for me to get closer to my career goals. The opportunity to participate in volleyball was also a main reason I chose to come here. The friendly atmosphere and small campus made me feel comfortable and at home.



Kaitlyn Price '22Kaitlyn Price

Hometown: Columbus Grove, OH
Major: Accounting




Leah Rieger '22Leah Rieger

Hometown: Bowling Green, OH
Major: Pre-Nursing

Why Heidelberg? I choose Heidelberg because of the great atmosphere from the moment you step foot on campus. Everyone is so welcoming and it really felt like home. As well as the class sizes and the opportunities offered to us here like the HYPE program that sets us apart from the others!



Kennedy Shreve '21Kennedy Shreve

Hometown: Vermilion, OH
Major: Business Administration and Communication

Why Heidelberg? I chose Heidelberg because the moment I stepped on campus on my visit it felt like home and everyone was so friendly.



Autumn Simpson '21Autumn Simpson

Hometown: Stow, OH
Major: Education

Why Heidelberg? I could tell from my first steps on campus that the faculty and staff genuinely care about my successes in and outside of the classroom and will help me in any way possible along the way.



Em Swain '22Em Swain

Hometown: Prospect, OH
Major: Philosophy and Theatre

Why Heidelberg? I chose Heidelberg because I wanted someplace historic and beautiful to learn about the world. I also really loved the flexibility that they offered me in terms of deciding my major! Scholarships didn’t hurt either!!



Madeleine Szawranskyj '22Madeleine Szawranskyj

Hometown: Westerville, OH
Major: Education

Why Heidelberg? I chose Heidelberg because of the small-school feel and how friendly everyone is. Everything I could need is readily available to me. Also being an athlete, the support from the school community is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I simply love the school and the Berg pride that’s seen all around.



Morgan Young '22Morgan Young

Hometown: Lodi, OH
Major: Education

Why Heidelberg? I chose Heidelberg because it made me feel like I was right at home.



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