Admitted Student Week

During our Admitted Student Week, we saw interested students connect with Heidelberg students, faculty, and staff who answered questions and explained all the opportunities and experiences that await you at Heidelberg. All sessions were recorded and are posted below. 

Monday April 27th

Student Life Panel 


How do I know what groups I can get involved in?

We have an involvement fair at the beginning of the year where you can learn about all of our organizations and sign up for the ones you are interested in. We also have a portal online to help you manage your involvement and find out about other groups.

How do I join a Greek group?

Heidelberg Greek Life hosts recruitment events through the fall and beginning of the spring semester. We encourage students to explore all of their options during this time to make a sound decision. We have a bid process and New Member Education in every February.

What if I want to get a job on campus?

There are a lot of options for jobs on campus. We currently have a job fair at the beginning of the year where students can explore these different options. We have both work study and non-work study jobs available. 

Is the campus safe? What about the city of Tiffin?

Our campus is very safe! Security is always available to help our students if they feel unsafe or they need help. We also work closely with the Tiffin PD to ensure our campus is safe for our students. The city of Tiffin also prides itself on being a safe community. Tiffin was recently ranked in the Top 20 safest college towns in the United States!

Tuesday April 28th

Professor Panel


How does my faculty advisor help me? 

Beginning in your second year, your faculty advisor will help you register for classes and set your schedule. They will also be there to help with internships, research projects, letters of recommendation, and other career advice! Your first year, you will work with an advising specialist in the Owen Center for Teaching and Learning. 

How many hours should I spend a week studying? 

This will vary depending on the class, however, faculty often mention that students should be studying three hours for every hour of class taken. So although you are not in the classroom as long as you are in high school per day, that time is made up in study hours outside of the classroom. 

What happens if I have to miss a class? 

Individual faculty members determine the attendance policy for classes and should have them clearly stated in their syllabi. Absences due to co-curricular activities and out-of-classroom curricular activities (representing Heidelberg University in a sanctioned event, this includes athletic games) are considered explained. Also, students may be unable to attend class due to illness, medical necessity, or death in the family. In these cases, undergraduate students will present evidence after the absence to the Dean of Student Affairs who will verify it and then contact the professors of the student’s classes.

Wednesday April 29th

Academic & Career Services


How do I get my class schedule? 

After paying your deposit, you will have a phone conversation with your advisor to create a schedule of your major classes. At orientation, you meet with them in person to finalize the rest of your schedule

What is an academic advisor? 

An academic advisor is an advisor that is paired with you during your freshman year to help you get adjusted to college, create a schedule and help you through your first year.

How can I get an internship? 

You can work with our Owen Center and Career specialist to find an internship that works for you! 

How can I get help with a class?

You simply have to ask for it! The Owen Center is always available to set up tutoring sessions! Some take place in groups or they can be on an individual basis. 

How can you help me write a paper?    

We have a writing center for assistance in all stages of writing your papers.

How can I get accommodations for a class?

You can work with Douglas Stoll and your professor to find a plan that works best to accommodate your needs.

Thursday April 30th

School of Music & Theatre 


Do I have to major in Music or Theatre to participate? 

No, anyone can audition to participate in Music or Theatre! We also have major scholarships and participation scholarships, so you do not have to be a major to receive scholarship money either.

How do I set up an audition? 

Apply for an audition here. Please contact Pat Page with any questions!


Being a DIII Student-Athlete


I am worried about the competition adjustment from high school to college.

You are moving to a new level.  There will be changes in time demands and speed of the game, but you will have an opportunity to make these adjustments in a great atmosphere. Our Heidelberg teams are very supportive and will help you make the adjustment from high school to college, athletically, academically and socially.

How will I handle being in a sport and school?

Time management and organization is very important in college, especially for the students that are involved in multiple activities. The coaching staff will work with you individually to come up with a great plan to make sure you can accomplish all of your goals at Heidelberg. There are also many great resources on campus to assist you along the way.

Can I have a job and play a sport?

 Many of our current student athletes have a job. There are work study and job opportunities on campus. Many of our students are able to get an off campus job within the Tiffin community.  

Will I live with someone in my sport?

Who you live with is up to you, but often, our coaches assist you with picking a roommate within your sport.  However, it is also okay to live with someone outside of your sport. 

Friday May 1st

What's Next Q&A 

New Student Checklist Walk-Through


How do I pay my deposit? 

You can send in a check to the Office of Admission at Heidelberg. You can also pay online. This deposit will let us know you are committing to Heidelberg and we will send you your New Student Checklist! 

When is all the financial aid paperwork due? 

Financial Aid paperwork is typically due by August, but you are more than welcome to turn it in earlier.  

What can I bring with me to Heidelberg? 

We have a packing list that can be a great guide for you on what to bring!

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