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The Heidelberg story can't be told without telling the stories of our alumni. Over Heidelberg's history, our alumni have gone on to do great things. They truly live out our educational philosophy of developing individuals with high moral and ethical standards who are productive in their life's work, engaged in their communities, and responsible citizens of the world.

Mayer-Longworth-McDonald-Uher Family

Jun 26, 2018

Members of the Mayer-Longworth-McDonald-Uher Family have been represented among Heidelberg’s alumni for well more than a century – nearly 14 decades, to be exact. Today, we honor them for sending five generations of graduates – including one current student – to Heidelberg.

John Adams, '58

Jun 26, 2018

John Q. Adams’s love for Heidelberg is as big as the state of Texas. Whether in his distinguished 50-year career in the pharmaceutical industry or in service and philanthropy to Heidelberg, John has stood head and shoulders above many with his wisdom, foresight and generosity.

Melissa Harrison, '02

Jun 26, 2018

Politics can be a very polarizing topic, yet it does play a major role in our culture today. Contentious discussions can be tempered when there’s a voice of reason – a person with integrity and intellect – working behind the scenes to make a difference. Melissa Harrison is that voice.

Melissa is thankful for the career path that had its foundation at Heidelberg. As a communication and political science double major, she jumped into the arena while a student, working for a small-market radio station and writing for a weekly newspaper.

Frank Krupka, '94

Jun 26, 2018

Every fall semester, veterinarian Dr. Frank Krupka spends time on campus, supervising the surgeries conducted on rats by students in Dr. Pam Faber’s Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab.One fall, the lights mysteriously went dark during the surgeries, and he rolled with the punches, continuing on with the work under emergency and available natural lighting.

It was all in a day’s work for this busy 1994 graduate, who balances a hectic career with an equally hectic home and family life, yet understands the value of his gift of giving back to Heidelberg students.

Dr. John C. and Eleanor (Lauchlan) Hoffmeier, ’68

Jun 12, 2018

That was then. This is now. While milestone reunions give Heidelberg alumni – especially those who met their spouse on campus – a wonderful opportunity to reflect on those golden days, one couple took the opportunity to re-create a special memory.

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