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The Heidelberg story can't be told without telling the stories of our alumni. Over Heidelberg's history, our alumni have gone on to do great things. They truly live out our educational philosophy of developing individuals with high moral and ethical standards who are productive in their life's work, engaged in their communities, and responsible citizens of the world.

Rob Stohlman, ’88

Dec 19, 2017

Many have heard the story about the professor who went to a student’s dorm room to conduct class when the student failed to show up one day.

Paul and Kay (Gamble) Assenheimer, '60

Nov 14, 2017

As a tuba player himself, Clarence Assenheimer may have had a fondness in his heart for low brass instruments that he passed down to his son, Paul.

Dana (Miller) Willman '89

Oct 18, 2017

During her days as a Heidelberg music major, Dana (Miller) Willman, ’89, was placed at Seneca East Schools for her student teaching. Little did she know then that Seneca East would become her permanent professional home

A love connection when least expected

Sep 15, 2017

There may be debate as to when it started, but there’s no denying the spark in the eyes of soon-to-be newlyweds and long-time ‘Berg supporters Donna (Fischer) Overholt ’57 and Larry Clausing ’59

Dr. Michael Weisend

Aug 8, 2017

During Mike Weisend’s college visit to Heidelberg, he was searching for an elusive biology professor as he contemplated a major in physics or biology. The nowhere-to-be-found professor, Dr. Bob Murray, was eventually located in a dark room, singing and strumming his guitar with students. "From that moment, I knew this was the place I wanted to be. That was the way I hoped I could interact with faculty. It was so cool," said Weisend, ’87, now a renowned neuroscientist.

The folk-singing biology professor, a faculty icon who is now retired, may have been the catalyst, but there was much more that Weisend discovered at Heidelberg. That encounter, though, did set the stage for four productive undergrad years that led to master’s and doctoral degrees in behavioral neuroscience from the University of New Mexico.

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